Want To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Colleagues & Competitors?

Download this special report that will highlight the top five challenges that presenters like yourself face and how to overcome them once and for all. Get ready to present with confidence and charisma in front of any audience!


How Can Eric Help You
If you are a CEO or Business Leader
I can help you save time, look good and ensure your presentation motivates action and results


"A person can have the greatest idea in the world - completely different and novel - but if that person cannot convince enough other people, it does not matter."

- Gregory Burns (Executive Speech Coaching)

Every Great Leader Has A Coach, Do You?


Tailored specifically to your individual needs, this coaching program will transform you into a more influential and inspiring communicator in the shortest amount of time. You will be happy to know that the coaching is conducted one-on-one at your convenience. Based on a proven coaching methodology and years of profiling successful business presenters, this executive speech coaching program 
will help you:


  • Identify your natural speaking strengths and talents
  • Uncover your blind spots and learn how to avoid them
  • Discover the critical steps required to craft an audience-centric presentation
  • Connect with any audience and get them interested, influenced and inspired by your message
  • Develop your own speaking style and deliver your speech with greater stage presence
  • Pick up time-tested techniques that will help you speak off the cuff confidently
  • Be remembered by your audience for all the right reasons



Fire Them Up
How To Influence & Inspire Your Organization Through Corporate Narrative

A significant amount of psychological research has shown that the more you try to convince an audience who disagree with you, the more entrenched they will be in opposition of your idea. This phenomenon is what psychologists term as confirmation bias.

Hence for leaders today to persuade and change mindsets, they have to first learn how to avoid activating confirmation bias. And one of the most effective ways to do so is through a corporate narrative (a.k.a business story). Well-known leaders such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jack Welch are big fans of this persuasion tool.

Through this innovative and timely program, you and your leadership team will learn how to tell five types of business stories that will help you:


  • Motivate action and results
  • Inspire commitment and change
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Communicate and reinforce organizational values
  • Excite your organization about the future


Available as a one-hour keynote or a two-day program. 

Contact us for more enquiries: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322

If you are a Sales Professional
I can help you craft a more persuasive & memorable message that leads to your million-dollar sale


"Clients do not buy because they understand your product. They buy because they feel understood." 

- Tony Gordon



Have you ever admire those successful people who seem to have it all? They secure the best jobs, build the most profitable businesses, earn the biggest paychecks and date the most attractive people.


However, here is the irony – many of them may not be smarter than you, more educated than you or even better looking than you! Decade of psychological studies have shown that what sets them apart from you is their effectiveness with people. They are more likeable. They connect with anyone effortlessly and more importantly; they know how to press the right buttons that get them anything they want.


Through this well researched and highly requested program that has been by more than 5000 corporate executives and sales professionals in Asia, you will also learn the secrets to connecting with anyone effectively and effortlessly.

With People Skills Focus

How To Connect With Your Clients & Influence Them Positively

At the end of the two-day program, you will learn how to:


  • Leverage on your natural charisma to get what you want
  • Create a positive and memorable first impression that draws people to you (including how to command respect and confidence from people)
  • Connect effortlessly with anyone within the first 30 seconds and leaves the person feeling good about you
  • Win the “people game” by first understanding what makes human beings act and react positively (The Ten Rules That Governs Human Interaction)
  • Make anyone you interact with feels like you are one of them and as a result, buy what you are selling
  • Leverage on the single most important ingredient that will help you build positive and empowering relationships with anyone
  • Leverage on the four social gifts to increase your likeability and affinity with people


Available as a one-hour keynote or a two-day program. 

Contact us for more details including why clients chose this program instead of the hundreds in the market: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322


 With Presentation Focus

How To Create A More Persuasive & Memorable Message That Leads To Your Million Dollar Sale

At the end of the two-day program, you will learn how to:


  • Beat the curse of knowledge and confirmation bias, your two biggest obstacles to delivering clear and compelling messages
  • Avoid the 5 cardinal sins that presenters inevitably commit in order to make your presentation stands out and win the sale
  • Structure your presentation into a story framework that will appeal to both the heads and hearts of your audience
  • Apply the findings of memory research in your presentation so that your client will remember your presentation instead of your competitors
  • Make your message memorable by applying the SPANK principle
  • Leverage on key influence principles to create stronger buy in from your clients


Available as a one-hour keynote or a two-day program. 

Contact us for more details including why clients chose this program instead of the hundreds in the market: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322

If you are a Business or Technical Presenter

I can help you overcome your nervousness and get your points across with more confidence & charisma


"When you are able to present your ideas with confidence in front of a lot of people, your audience will naturally perceive you as capable. The key word here is "perceive". You may not be capable but when your audience thinks you are, you will already gain an unfair advantage over your colleagues and competitors.” 

- Eric Feng



Based on Eric's bestselling book Get To The Point®, this signature program has been wildly popular among corporations across Asia, especially in the healthcare, banking, financial services and government sectors. Till date (Dec 2010), Eric has trained more than 2500 executives and managers in this program. He has also been interviewed on national TV (Prime Time Morning, Good Morning Singapore), radio (938 LIVE & BFM 89.9) and print (The Business Times, Today's Manager, HRM and Human Capital) with regards to the content. 


Foundational Program
How To Present With Confidence & Charisma In Front Of Any Audience


This is the foundational program for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of becoming a confident and charismatic presenter. Apart from learning how to overcome the common mistakes that most presenters made offstage and onstage, you will also learn how to model after successful business presenters, both their approach in crafting scripts and the thought processes that went along with it. Most importantly, you will get to clock the crucial stage time necessary - in a safe and constructive environment - for you to see significant results within a short time.


At the end of the two-day coaching program, you will learn how to:


  • Command the attention of your audience and appear confident on stage so that people automatically see you as an expert
  • Uncover the root cause of your stage fright and speak with more confidence
  • Overcome your stage fright using time-tested strategies adopted by professional speakers and top business presenters
  • Craft an audience-centric presentation that is clear and compelling
  • Think on your feet and handle impromptu speaking opportunities in a way that make you sound knowledgeable and well-informed
  • Interest, influence and inspire your audience through effective voice delivery and body language
  • Reduce your pause fillers that causes you to lose your credibility as a presenter
  • Dress appropriately and even strategically to impress your audience when you are up on stage
  • Avoid the top ten mistakes that untrained presenters made
  • Connect with your audience within the first 30 seconds of your presentation
  • Answer the four critical questions that will have your audience eating out of your hand
  • Prepare and rehearse your presentation so that you will not forget your lines
  • Answer five types of questions that presenters are frequently asked (including the dos and don'ts of handling Q&A in a professional setting)


Available as a one-hour keynote or a two-day program. 

Contact us for more details including why clients chose this program instead of the hundreds in the market: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322


Specialized Program
How To Prepare & Deliver An Effective Technical Presentation


If you are an engineer, a financial analyst or anyone who needs to deliver huge amount of data to a non-technical audience, this is a program specially designed for you.


At the end of the two-day coaching program, you will learn how to:


  • Overcome the top five mistakes that technical presenters unconsciously commit
  • Speak your audience's lingo and connect with them throughout the entire presentation
  • Transform your "dry" materials into visually engaging and memorable content 
  • Make your text talk and your numbers sing
  • Leverage on structures, graphics and transitions to help your presentation flow
  • Translate your technical data into meaningful stories and actionable initiatives 


Available as a one-hour keynote or a two-day program. 

Contact us for more details including why clients chose this program instead of the hundreds in the market: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322

If you are a Conference Organizer

I can help you attract registrations and make your event the most talked-about for years to come.

How To Be That Guy

Positioning Yourself for Personal & Professional Success

At 15, Eric was booed off the stage in front of 600 schoolmates and teachers. In his yearbook, he was remembered as the guy who “won” the public speaking contest. He was also advised by countless of his friends that “public speaking was not his thing and he should stop trying too hard”.


Yet 10 years later, Eric became a celebrated Toastmaster in Singapore who has won over 25 national-level speech competitions and is regarded by the papers, radio and TV as a public speaking expert.


He also became a bestselling author of “The FAQ Book on Public Speaking”, co-written with local celebrity Irene Ang, selling more than 8000 copies in Singapore and Malaysia. In the following year, Eric published another bestseller and the first business communications magazine for CEOs in Asia, titled POINT®.

Today, in spite of being one of the youngest in the professional speaking industry, Eric is regarded by his peers as one of the top speakers in Singapore. Business Week in USA has also recently featured him as one of the top 25 young entrepreneurs of Asia.


So what exactly is Eric’s success formula?

And how did he manage to stand out in an industry where age and experience is supposingly the most important?


In this inspiring and thought-provoking keynote, Eric will share with you seven practical lessons that will help you position yourself for both personal and professional success. Be prepared to become THAT guy who has everything going for him!

At the end of the keynote, you will:


  • Know how to leverage on two universal principles that will help you gain unfair advantages over your peers and competitors
  • Discover your natural gifts and talents – most of them unknown to you throughout your life – and how to take advantage of them
  • Attract the right people and opportunities to you using a very simple strategy
  • Learn how to confront and defeat your personal limitations that always get in your way
  • Acquire the Midas Touch – gain the ability to get more done and make things happen no matter what
  • Increase your luck and likeability factor and have everything go your way
  • Have the belief and drive to achieve your personal and professional goals


Contact us for more details: enquiries@ericfeng.com | (65) 9752 2322

Eric with Participants


eric feng public speaking coach

Eric addressing more than 800 attendees at AIA Career Seminar 2011


eric feng public speaking coach

PayPal employees in Shanghai recapping what they have learnt at Eric's signature program 'Get To The Point' (Foundational)


eric feng public speaking coach

Leading a program for one of the biggest healthcare companies in Malaysia


eric feng public speaking coach

Eric with the engineers of Roche Singapore - Get To The Point (for Technical Presenters)


eric feng public speaking coach

Tutorial session with Resort World Sentosa employees on slide design


eric feng public speaking coach

Facilitating a plenary discussion with top executives from diverse industries


eric feng public speaking coach

Eric addressing the top SHELL employees on how to speak with more confidence and charisma in front of any audience


eric feng public speaking coach
Eric encouraging a life planner from Great Eastern Singapore. This is one of Eric's signature program titled Unlock Your Personal Charisma - How To Connect & Influence Your Clients



eric feng public speaking coach

Eric speaking at IBM Singapore on 7 Ways To Present With More Confidence & Charisma In Front Of Any Audience


eric feng public speaking coach

Eric coaching participants from Tetra Pak Jurong on how they can deliver an effective technical presentation


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