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Why CEOs Hire Eric

Why CEOs & Corporations Hire Eric
  1. Eric's expertise in public speaking and business communications
  2. Results-oriented programs
  3. Eric keeps you at the edge of your seats (engaged & learning)
  4. High learning retention
  5. Always going the extra mile


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Catch Eric In Action

Catch Eric In Action

"Eric never fails to move me every time he speaks. He has a knack for wit and humor and his message always engages the audience, regardless of the topic. The presence you feel when he speaks and the warmth he naturally emanates always remind me of a strong leader, and at the same time, someone we would all want as a close friend."

  1. Tiffany Ledesma, Philadelphia Water Department


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Read Eric's Bestselling Book

Read Eric's Bestselling Book

Widely recognized as a credible resource for business presenters, Get To The Point ® is in its second print with 12,000 copies sold till date (Dec 2011). Many of Eric's programs are also based on this bestselling book.


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