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"Eric's book has provided many practical and easy-to-adopt tips to help us connect with anyone and influence them positively. All salespeople need to read this book!"

Lee Kian Sieng, Head - Pharma Division, Sanofi Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei

Download a complimentary chapter of the book here.

"For bulk or overseas order, contact us at info@charismaacademy.com"

  • * Eric's latest book backed up by three-year worth of research
  • * Contents of this book has been taught to more than 5000 executives in Asia
  • * Includes exclusive interviews with industry leaders from Google, FedEx & Mariott
Get To The Point ®


"Get To The Point ® is a great book! A must-read for all who aspire to be great public speakers - confident orators who enjoy their craft. I am able to relate to the many strategies found in the book as proven presentation secrets."

Matthew Kang, Chairman, Church Council, New Creation Church

Download a complimentary chapter of the book here.

"For bulk or overseas order, contact us at info@charismaacademy.com"

  • * Eric's bestselling book with more than 12,000 copies sold till date
  • * Contents of this book has been featured on both local and regional media
  • * Includes a 3 hour DVD recording worth S$197
POINT Magazine



Launched in November 2010, this is the first business communications magazine ever published in the industry. The magazine exclusively goes out to 30,000 CEOs and business leaders in Asia. Till date, POINT has featured many accomplished leaders from DBS, Toyota, Great Eastern, Mc Donalds, Google, HP and KPMG.




“Congratulations! You have certainly made your "POINT" with your inaugural issue. I find the articles very well laid out. The choice of crisis management as the area of focus in this issue is timely and apt. Editorial has also added value through the well-executed "7 Ways" action point guide, which draws appropriate snippets from the various articles. Very well done indeed and I am looking forward to your next issue.”

Albert Tan, Vice President of Institute of Public Relations Singapore

“Congratulations on your inaugural issue of POINT! What a fantastic magazine that you can be so proud of and I am confident it will soon become the magazine all top executives should be reading! I rate the standard of your inaugural issue as very high. All the top executives interviewed in this issue shared very openly and freely and I have benefitted from reading the various views of crisis management. Won’t want to miss your future issues!”

Matthew Kang, Director, Financial Services, Manulife (Singapore)


“POINT looks appealing and feels good in the hand. Articles were full of substance while application is easy. Look forward to the next issue on influence. Prosper and Shalom.”

Edwin Cheng, Team Head - FHC Academy, AIA


“I must congratulate you on the magazine POINT. The content is great but what I like most is the brilliant photos of the successful people featured in the magazine. Keep up the good work!”

Thomas Fernandez, Chairman & CEO, PestBusters

“I just got to my desk at NCSS and had ‘POINT’ waiting to be read. POINT left a good first impression! So congratulations on finding a gap in the market and may you find a solid market in the gap.”

Usha Menon, Executive Chairman, Management Centre Asia

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eric feng public speaking coach


eric feng public speaking coach

eric feng public speaking coach


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