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Five Reasons Why CEOs & Corporations Hire Eric Feng


Eric’s Expertise in Public Speaking and Business Communications


Eric is a bestselling author of two business presentation books and has successfully coached over 3000 managers and C-level executives in the area of public speaking and business communications across diverse industries. Some of his recent clients include AIA, Great Eastern, IBM, Maybank and sanofi-aventis.

Eric has also been regularly featured and interviewed in both local and regional media like Channel News Asia, Prime Time Morning, The Straits Times, The Business Times, Radio 938, Channel 8 and Business Week for his speaking expertise. His most recent showcase was on Radio 938 (Positive Business Minute) where he presented a month long segment on business presentation skills.

Eric’s articles are frequently seen in leading publications such as HRM (How To Present With Confidence & Charisma), Human Capital (CEO should tell stories) and The Toastmaster (Cross Cultural Humor).

Most recently, Eric published POINT ®, the first business communications magazine ever published for CEOs in Asia, and it goes out exclusively to 30,000 CEOs and business leaders. Till date, his magazine has featured accomplished leaders from well-known companies like DBS, Toyota, Great Eastern, Mac Donalds, Google, HP and KPMG.

Apart from coaching and training, Eric also lectures part-time at Civil Service College and National University of Singapore (Business School).


Results-Oriented Programs

As a professional certified coach by the International Coach Federation, Eric’s programs are well known for being results-oriented and inspiring. His primary goal is to ensure that the participants get value in the form of new found skills and/or a paradigm shift that allows them to cause results in their professional and personal lives. His secondary goal is to provide participants the impetus and inspiration to take action. Participants’ testimonials speak volume about Eric’s training effectiveness.

“Eric’s FAQ approach to public speaking was very refreshing. He was able to tackle aspects of the subject that normal seminars could not. It addressed the concerns of the audience directly, and even the most seasoned speakers in the audience felt that they walked away learning something new. Eric’s stage presence and achievements at such an early stage of his career was the greatest inspiration to us all.”
- Hui Min, DP Architects


“I have always wanted to improve on my communication skills. With all the concepts learnt and practiced in class, I feel empowered and more confident.”
- Raymond Lin, Life Planner, Great Eastern Singapore


Eric Keeps You At The Edge Of Your Seats (Engaged & Learning)

Having won numerous speech competitions at both national and regional levels, Eric has mastered the art of engaging anyone in his audience. Whether it is a small group of senior leaders or a large audience from diverse background, Eric has his way of keeping them at the edge of their seats engaged and learning. What stands out most about Eric’s delivery is his sincerity, generous dose of humor and heartfelt stories. Sleeping in his class will be extremely difficult.


“Eric never fails to move me every time he speaks. He has a knack for wit and humor and his message always engages the audience, regardless of the topic. The presence you feel when he speaks and the warmth and humor that he naturally emanates always remind me of a strong leader, and at the same time, someone we would all want as a close friend.”
- Tiffany Ledesma, Philadelphia Water Department

"We enjoy Eric's workshop thoroughly! He is funny and uplifting. Unlike other speakers, he has the ability to deliver a memorable message that impacts us even after months from his workshop. Impressive!"
- Jasmine Hanh, Verizon Communications


High Learning Retention

Eric believes fervently that “only when participants have fun, will they learnt the most!” Hence Eric’s programs are designed to be high impact and activity-driven. Leveraging on time-tested learning techniques, participants are engaged at all levels throughout the program – visually, auditory, kinesthetically, intellectually and emotionally. Memory techniques are also taught to help participants remember what they have learnt thus giving them a sense of achievement. But above it all, it is Eric’s high energy and personal touch that spurred participants to open their minds and put in a 110% effort inside and outside the program.


“Eric has a unique way to let planners learn new techniques. It is easy to remember and they can be used in every aspect of life. Through the program, I realize that I have been spending little time connecting with my clients. I was also unable to find openers to get to know people who are referred to me. Now - after the program - I feel that I can talk with anybody freely!”
- Eric Teo, Life Planner, Great Eastern Singapore


Always Going The Extra Mile

At the end of the day, what counts the most is the value that audience gets out of the programs. As such, Eric will go the extra 100 miles to make sure that the objectives are met and your people are satisfied. Do not be surprised if Eric shows up at your organization one day in advance to get to know your staff!

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your lecture and for the talk with me afterwards! Just as you said, the most competent people are the humblest. I think you are a good demonstration of that. Your humbleness, friendliness and your keen interest in people are the most impressive features that I have found in no other lecturers but you!”
- Lizzie Y, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Eric With CEOs & Business
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eric feng public speaking coach

Eric facilitating a high-profile conference with Rodrigo Mizuno, Managing Director, Government Industry Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft and Donald Steel, Adviser in Communications, BBC


eric feng public speaking coach

I was invited to train the leadership team of Kreta Ayer - Kim Seng CCC. Here's their MP Dr Lily Neo.


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Mr Ahmed, GM of Sabic Asia in action. Very proud of his progress.


eric feng public speaking coach

Conversation with CEO of AIA Singapore, Mr Tan Hak Leh


eric feng public speaking coach

One of the Vice Presidents of Great Eastern Singapore, Dr Leow.


eric feng public speaking coach

Caught up with Ambassador Michael Tay, Adjunct Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy & Executive Director, Russia-Singapore Business Forum


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